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There are very few places that I eat at on a regular basis. Fort Collins street food trendsetters, chefs and owners, Sarah Tomsic and Jan Findlater started Fly By Diner in September of 2009.

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That requires you to verify the Billing Information.

let's get this out in the open: i'm not an aol user, never have been, and i don't like the service. it seems to be a magnet for internet idiots, that's why.

k the link below and enter your login information on the following page to confirm your Billing Information records.. We don’t have any legitimate AOL messages to compare this to but we’re pretty sure they wouldn’t do this unless they’ve devolved to the point where they’re hiring relatives to do web design.

None of the above proves this message is fake but the “Click here to verify your account” link is pretty conclusive.

My reader goes on to tell me that she can’t stop using AOL dial-up because: I would simply import AOL’s email into POP Peeper.

When you set up POP Peeper, and before you use it to fetch email from AOL, make sure you change its settings to ensure your AOL email gets copied to your hard drive: Go to Options, Set Options, Storage, then set POP Peeper to “Store Entire messages to disk” and check the box for “Save messages periodically”.