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i remember when Madtown Jota was on WGM and various programs, he was a talk of the town but it didnt bring any "benefit" to Madtown, i think many still dunno Madtown exist and what is their latest comeback song. So my girl group bias and a member of a group that I love are dating... Bora is really close to INFINITE and Feel Dog is a childhood friend of Hoya, so maybe it didn't really started at Hit The Stage ^^ They have been dating for six months, i think Bora wanted to keep the relationship a secret until the disbandment of SISTAR is over, because if this news came out six months ago, i think some fans will assume that the disbandment of SISTAR is related to her dating.
While living in Germany, Tinder helped me meet local people outside of my American study abroad bubble.

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Gone but not forgotten were the words she used and as she got back to Kampala, the mom of five told whoever cared to know that she was having sleepless nights following her mother who was not well.

Sponsored This morning, Zari using her social networks informed her over 3 million followers on IG that her mom had passed on.

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More of the power couple short vac in Mombasa As Zari was still coping with the death of her ex-hubby, Ivan Semwanga, her mother, Halima Sultan Hassan has passed on aged 58.

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