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Two, we limited it to one song per artist, with a couple of exceptions, like The Beatles, because they're The Beatles.

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I have a listbox named List Box1 on Sheet1 of an excel workbook.

Everytime the user selects one of the items in the list, I need to copy its name to a variable named str LB.

Take the following steps: Public Class Form1 Private Sub Form1_Load(sender As Object, e As Event Args) Handles My Base.

Add("India") End Sub Private Sub Button1_Click(sender As Object, e As Event Args) Handles Button1.

That way, multiple widgets can use the same function, but different actions can be performed, depending on the name passed as a parameter.

from app Jar import gui # the title of the button will be received as a parameter def press(btn): print(btn) app=gui() # 3 buttons, each calling the same function Button("One", press) Button("Two", press) Button("Three", press) app.go() from app Jar import gui def press(rb): print(Radio Button("song")) app=gui() Radio Button("song", "Killer Queen") Radio Button("song", "Paradise City") # call this function, when the Radio Button changes Radio Button Change Function("song", press) Button("PLAY", press) app.go() Creates a simple drop-down box.

The following are some of the commonly used properties of the List Box control: Consult Microsoft documentation for detailed list of properties, methods and events of the List Box control.

Initialize Component() ' Add any initialization after the Initialize Component() call.

You can populate the list box items either from the properties window or at runtime.

To add items to a List Box, select the List Box control and get to the properties window, for the properties of this control.

There are lots of different widgets to choose from, each suited to a specific task. This is a unique name for the widget, so that later you can get information from that widget, or change it.

Nearly all widgets in app Jar provide the same three functions: from app Jar import gui app = gui() Label("l1", "Label 1") Label("l2", "Label 2") Label("l3", "Label 3") Label("l4", "Label 4") # common set functions Label Bg("l1", "red") Label Bg("l2", "yellow") Label Bg("l3", "purple") Label Bg("l4", "orange") app.go() from app Jar import gui app=gui() Entry("e1") Entry("e2") Entry("e3") Label Entry("Name") Validation Entry("v1") File Entry("f1") Entry Default("e2", "Age here") Entry Valid("v1") app.go() A clickable button, that will call a function.