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If you are not of the same belief as the bereaved family - make enquiries and make sure you are appropriately dressed so as not to offend anyone.

Some Christian churches require one to cover their head, if you cannot find a person to ask if it is a requirement, just take a scarf with you in case it is needed.

However, if the deceased is a family member and the rest of the family have made the decision to wear black, perhaps you would consider falling in with them as this is not the appropriate time to make a stand about what is proper funeral dress etiquette.

Most men choose formal clothes like a suit, and would normally wear a black tie if they have one.Dating as an institution is a relatively recent phenomenon which has mainly emerged in the last few centuries.From the standpoint of anthropology and sociology, dating is linked with other institutions such as marriage and the family which have also been changing rapidly and which have been subject to many forces, including advances in technology and medicine.Make a Living in Spain: Five Ideas for Supporting Yourself in the Spanish Economy Start a Bar in Spain Business Etiquette in Spain Companies in Spain: The Types of Business Entities for Creating Companies in Spain Start a Business in Spain Business Taxes in Spain Business in Spain Filing Taxes as a US Expat in Spain Spain Returns to the Peseta Banks in Spain: Foreigners, Spanish Bank Accounts Cost of Living in Spain Currency Exchange and Solutions for Expats Taxes in Spain: Tax Rates and Special Expat Taxes Spain – So just how much are we talking about? Español Spanish Slang The Best Ways to Learn Spanish Sworn Translations in Spain Certifying Your Language Skills The Languages of Spain: More Than Spanish The Best Ways to Learn Spain’s Other Languages Learning Spanish, Important Lessons for Expats Getting Married in Spain - Non-EU Foreigners Marrying a Spaniard Embassies and Consulates for English Speaking Countries Spanish Citizenship and Dual Nationality The Tourist Visa: Staying in Spain and the Schengen Area EU Residency in Spain for EU Citizens, Their Spouses and Family Members The EU Blue Card in Spain Student Visas for Spain Arraigo: Staying Legal in Spain When All Else Fails Social Security in Spain Voting in Spain Visa for Spain Registering as a Non EU Spouse in Spain NIE, DNI, NIF, CIF, Social Security Driving in Spain: Licenses and Regulations Consumer Complaint Forms - Hojas de Reclamaciones in English The Gestor / Gestoria Getting Married, Weddings & Giving Birth in Spain Wills: The Legal Will & Inheritance in Spain Empadronamiento in Spain: Registering in Your Community Emergency Telephone Numbers in Spain Villas in Spain Doctors in Spain Health Care and Medical Insurance in Spain Apartments in Spain Buying and Selling a Second Hand Car in Spain Sending/Receiving Mail and Packages in Spain Pregnant in Spain!Spanish Traffic Accident Report Real Estate in Spain University Exchange Programs in Spain Universities In Spain Property in Spain: the Nitty-Gritty of the Comunidad de Propietarios Property in Spain & The Comunidad de Propietarios Schools and Higher Education in Spain English Church Services in Spain Spanish Art & Culture Spanish Recipes and Cuisine Weather in Spain The Vegetarian’s Survival Guide to Spain Spanish Holidays Jewish Spain Spanish Cultural Commentary You know you’ve lived in Spain when…. in Spain Spain Internet: ADSL, Cable and Wireless TV in Spain, Satellite and more Vo IP in Spain: Vonage, Skype and Other Vo IP Providers Spain Telephones, Telefónica & Cheap Calls from Spain Mobile / Cell Phones in Spain Wireless Internet For a Rural Community: Broadband Almost Anywhere in Spain Electricity in Spain How to Write a Great Spanish-Style CV or Resume Workers’ Rights in Spain Resources for the English Teacher in Spain Teach English in Spain: Teaching TEFL/TESOL, TEFL Courses Teaching English in Spain: Teaching In the Black Teach English in Spain: Teaching at Summer Camps Teaching English in Spain North American Cultural Ambassadors Working in Spain, Being Autonomo Jobs in Spain Freelance Visa for Spain Teach English in Spain: The To Do List For Becoming a Teacher Film Jobs Working in Spain Teach English in Spain: Teach Private Classes Work Visa for Spain The Top 7 Ways to Meet Spaniards Top 7 Signs You’ve Integrated in Spain 7 Things Every Expat in Spain Should Know Top 7 Tips For Apartment Hunting in Spain Spain’s Top 7 Contributions to the World Top 7 Aspects of Living and Working in Spain Top 7 Fun Things To Do As An Expat in Spain Top 7 Great Things About Living in Spain Top 7 Questions for Expats Spain Expat is the leading independent information site specifically for expats moving to Spain or already living here.If you feel that you can provide a valuble note of information, please submit a comment!